4 Benefits of Building a Prefab Home

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4 Benefits of Building a Prefab Home

People sometimes have misconceptions when it comes to prefabricated homes. Opinions tend to take on one of two extremes – the low-end, mass produced “manufactured homes” or the impossibly expensive custom home. In reality, prefabricated homes are becoming more and more common, as well as more accessible to many different budget levels. There are several advantages to choosing a custom prefab home over one made with traditional construction processes.

Here are four of our big-ticket benefits of prefab homes:

Quality Control –  Because custom prefab homes are built in a controlled environment, according to specific standards, you can be confident that your home will be built with uniform quality.  Site built homes are subject to the schedules and often varied skill levels of independent contractors—not to mention the effects of inclement weather.     On the other hand, prefab homes are built by an experience crew in a protected factory   and the homes are inspected many times throughout the construction process.

Energy Efficient – Prefab homes are also applauded for their energy efficiency and sustainability. In traditional construction, extra materials often lead to extra waste. However, because prefab homes are made (at least partly) in a factory, any extra materials are recycled in-house. This is a huge improvement over the traditional construction strategy of sending the waste to a landfill. The controlled environment in which prefab homes are fabricated makes it easier to assure construction is accurate, joints are tight and that air infiltration and escape is minimized.  This allows prefabricated homes to be insulated to a higher level than site built homes, and subsequently, often more energy efficient. 

Faster Building –  Prefab homes typically take less time to build than a site built home. In fact, most prefabricated homes take less than half  the time required for a traditional home.  Most of the time savings comes from upfront planning, faster fabrication and the elimination of onsite weather and subcontractor scheduling delays.

Cost Benefits –  Some people hear the word “custom” and immediately think expensive, but custom prefab homes actually have cost benefits that traditional construction doesn’t have. As mentioned before, you will save on energy bills because modular homes are more efficient. Unlike traditional construction projects, custom prefab homes rarely if ever go over budget. Usually, prefab home manufacturers  receive bulk discounts on building materials, which are then reflected in the home’s cost. Everyone has a horror story about paying a contractor for work that never got done. With a custom prefab home, you get to sidestep this costly issue. Also, since time is money, reduced construction time often saves on construction financing costs.

These four important benefits set custom prefab homes apart as an eco-friendly, well-crafted, and cost-effective alternative to traditional home construction. For more information on the benefits of prefabricated homes, contact us for details.